New Patient Registration

Enter your postcode below to see if you are in the Practice Boundary area. We are sorry if you are outside the area it means we can’t register you, but you can find further information here about where you may be able to register. 

To continue providing excellent healthcare services and prioritise the needs of our patients, Harcourt Medical Centre is NOT accepting registrations for patients living outside the practice boundary (even if you live in the outer boundary – this is a historic anomaly).

Joining the practice as a new patient is very easy provided you live within our catchment area, if you are unsure, please discuss with our reception team on 01722 333214

Please Bring with you for identification purposes Photo ID, and Two forms of proof of address.

Acceptable forms of Identification

  • Photo ID  –This should be either a driving licence or passport. If you don’t have any photo ID then you will need to bring the full unabridged version of your birth certificate
  • Two forms of proof of address – dated within the last 3 months.