Non-urgent advice: Notice

The definition of an informal carer is anyone who looks after someone without financial reward

You might be a family memeber, a friend, or simply someone who helps with shopping for a neighbour – but without your help they might struggle.

Many people think a carer is a someone who carries out a role similar to working as a nurse.

Are you a Carer?

At Harcourt Medical Centre we strive to identify and engage with carers and we would like to hear any suggestions that you may have on how we can improve this. Historically we have identified carers from medical contacts and ad-hoc identification from the medical team. If you are a carer then please make us aware. You can inform our reception staff who will ask you to complete a carer’s registration form.

We plan to hold carer support coffee mornings when it is safe to do so with our social prescriber Carl Adams; these are likely to be held away from the surgery premises in an informal and relaxing setting. We hope they will be a great opportunity to share experiences and foster support with other carers.

You can also contact Carer Support Wiltshire

Carers Support South Wilts is part of Carers Support Wiltshire

Telephone: 0800 181 4118